Services  we provide


 At shree sadhguru yog dham we provide various services and facilites  that have been mastered over the years we provide yoga ,ayurveda,meditation,staying facilites with us ,Kathas ,poojas ,havan ,guides for exploring haridwar these are the basic faciltes we provide  if you have any more needs just dial us on the given below numbers 

What we offer

Religious Activites


Starts from your roots start from begining how long has been since you did a havan ?


Start understanding your vedas and scriptures

Learn what our ancestors have left us not what westerner are teaching you

Protect your heritage

Protect  your  identity by protecting old heritage temples


95 % of modern medicines are coming from ayurveda or use at least one herbal base with modern chemicals

Yoga & Meditation

our long thousand of years of heritage yoga and meditation 


Be proud of your culture and traditions

Proud of your culture

  Be proud of your culture never be ashamed of it they are the result of thousand of years of rich cultural diversity of yours even if you live in any country of world never forget your culture money can be earned, respect can be earned ,power can be earned ,everything can be earned or brought in this world but what you will be truly giving or teaching your child is your culture because culture show the roots of your people

Learn Hinduism

Here at shree sadhgugru yogdham learn the true esence of world oldest religion learn the rich culture heritage of india that even british can not loot from india

Learn vedas & sanskrit

once the most widely speaken language of  world was sanskrit start learning it and dive into the vedas and indian granths


Stay with us


rooms with all modern amenities


ac rooms are avilable


Large and Spacious halls


Enjoy your stay in peace in haridwar with shree sadhguruyog dham Haridwar stay in peace with with us just a 5 minutes walk to ganga ji to take a dip every day what we offer we provide 3 meals snacks are also provided  ac and non ac rooms want to master the art of yoga come to us learn ayurveda from the masters of knowledge

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